Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Bookshelf

One thing that is important to every book collection is the bookshelf. It holds all of these great adventures just waiting to be read. A great bookshelf makes our books standout and acts as a showcase. I felt that if I am going to share this trip into my love of books I should share where I keep some of my books. I have more then fit on this one bookcase, but the rest are around my apartment and the majority of them are still at my parents house until I find I move to an apartment where I will be at for more than 1 year. I mean have you ever tired to move books? 10 or 100 books... it is a pain in the BUTT!!

I love this bookcase because of it's color (John Deere Yellow) and it's staircase shape. I think it is unique and fits perfectly with my room. It isn't really big, and as you can see I have to stack my books on every shelf. I have many books on it that I have read, and still more that I have not made it too yet. Hopefully that will change in 2011!

What makes a good bookcase?

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