Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bibliophilia... That's ME!

I love books, I am a book worm... my roommate might say that I am a slightly obsessed (which would be using the term bibliomania, which I am not) I love libraries, I check out books all of the time. However, there is nothing quite as nice as owning books that you love to read! Knowing you can dog ear it, and fold the cover back, which I just don't feel comfortable doing with library books. I try to only buy books that I love, but I do enjoy a good trip to the thrift store or bargain section and buying a few books. Some of my favorites have come from there. The best reason for me of owning a book is this it is always there, I can reflect, I can lend it out, I can revisit it, also I am horrible about returning library books on time!

I just wanted to let you know that you will see my reference the fact that I need to "put an order in" or go "visit Borders"... Yes I will visit the public library... but owning if fun too!!!

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